Swimming Lessons by Muriel
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Important Info and Frequently Asked Questions

​Please read before lessons. Thank you!
Swimming Lessons by Muriel offers swim lessons from March to September each year. We offer weekly sessions, 30 minute classes each day (Monday- Friday), same time each day. 

Getting Started:
Select your class size preference (Group or Private; class options will vary based on age and skill. Check the Services page on the website.).

To register, mail in registration form with 3 choices of weeks and full payment to secure your spot. Or you can make arrangements to drop off. 

Once we confirm your registration, we will get back to you with your date and time for lessons. It is first come first serve for choices of spots. Our classes fill up quickly. 

You will receive a text the weekend before your lessons with a reminder of class dates, times, and parking instructions. Please pay close attention to text messages about how you are advised to park during your class. It flows properly when everyone follows. Also, if you want another parent or grandparent to view lessons, they have to ride with you. We cannot have extra vehicles parked throughout the neighborhood. Please do not block mailbox and do not park in the grass. When driving, please use the map on the flyer. Sometimes GPS or phone device will not recognize the address and will send you in the wrong direction.

We only accept cash or checks. Make checks payable to Muriel Sonnier, or cash and pay in full. Please write students name and lesson date on the memo on the check. Students must be preregistered at least a week before the class begins. You will have to mail in registration form and payment or make arrangements to drop off. 

The registration form must be filled in with 3 choices of dates and mailed in. Lessons are on a first come, first serve basis.

Make Up Policy:
You may not skip classes and later make it up. Our schedule becomes booked up and it is impossible to makeup every missed class. If we have to cancel because of bad weather or any other reason, we will schedule make up days for those students. 

There are no refunds. If you have to reschedule because of sickness or any other emergency, we can reschedule your lessons to another week or time.

Once you have scheduled your date and time, we ask a $20 moving fee if you would like to change that date or time. It becomes very difficult to reschedule times and move other clients around.

Keys for a successful week of lessons:
Arrive 10 minutes prior to your class and NOT sooner, for parking reasons. Encourage your child to use the bathroom before the lesson begins. We strive to start each lesson on time with all class members present for the start.
Bring a towel for your child.
There is a covered sitting area for parents and families during lessons.
Please tie long hair back in a ponytail. 
If your child is distracted by seeing you during class, parents can sit farther back where they will be out of view so the child can focus their attention on the instructor and can remain on task. Please refrain from talking to or correcting your child during the lesson. We want to make the best use of all instruction time!
Please escort your child through the gate for classes. Child should remain with you until the class begins. When classes are in session, children may not run around the pool and/or play with pool toys. These are special toys that are set up for skills being taught. We want to minimize any distractions for other students. 
You should also escort your child to the bathroom. An adult should get popsicles from the freezer for the children at the end of the class. Please make sure the freezer door is all the way closed after.
No goggles or floatation devices during swim lessons.  

Thank you for reading and understanding!